“I’m a foodie.  I love good food, eating out and drinking nice wine.  This can be a problem when you overdo it – so I often find myself in an all out war with 20 pounds.   Enter Power Pam and the Power of 3 Healthy Weight Program.  This small group of women was just what I needed to get myself on track and re-visit living a healthier lifestyle, making good choices and changing up some habits that were no longer serving me.  With Pam’s help, I set some realistic goals during the first 3 months and then for the entire year.  After 12 weeks I not only lost weight and inches but 3% body fat!!  I’m looking forward to continuing my efforts over the coming year.  Thanks for the great jump start Power Pam!  I recommend your program with 5 stars”.  Ann D. Jack 


” The key to weight loss is really simple – eat less, move more. But as simple as it is I have struggled for many years to find the right balance. Nearing age 50 I found myself with many pounds to lose and daunted at the prospect.  But then I was given the opportunity to work with Pam!  In the past few months, with her guidance and support, I have embarked on a comprehensive ‘food journey.’  It’s not a quick fix diet, but rather a wonderful change to my lifestyle that has helped me lose weight, understand the science of what I need to eat, how to cope with challenges, and not starve myself in the process. I feel, for the first time, that I will be successful long term because of Pam.  I highly recommend the Power of 3 Healthy Weight Program”.  Cate K


“Pam – thank you for making the trip to Santa Clara University to speak to our women’s cross country team.  Felipe and I both agree that your presentation on the Female Athlete Triad was fantastic and exactly what we are looking for! We hope you will be available in the future to speak with our team again”Pete C. Assistant Cross Country/Track & Field Coach


“Having struggled with my weight for so many years, I learned something key from Pam. Practice mindful eating. SLOW DOWN. Enjoy your food. Make smart choices. I’ve learned so much from Pam and she has helped me lose more than 10 lbs and more than 3 inches in only a few weeks. She’s given me an array of healthy lifestyle tools to help keep me going!  I can’t thank Pam enough- she’s amazing!”  Jazan D.