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Snowman Snacks for a Healthy Kid-Friendly Treat

Watch out Frosty the Snowman, here comes Fruity the Snowman! Prepare the fruit and let your kids assemble their own!  Ingredients: Bananas            Bamboo Skewers Grapes              Mini Chocolate Chips Carrot              Pretzel Sticks Apple   Directions For each snowman you will need three thick slices of banana, a grape, a sliver of carrot, and a triangle of […]

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Here’s to a Healthier Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again. Holiday parties, family gatherings and lots of sweet treats where ever you turn.  Top it all off with some holiday stress and it’s a recipe for some really unhealthy eating habits for you and your entire family! But there’s good news. With a little thinking ahead there’s a number […]

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Smart Tips for Back to School Nutrition

Did you know American children obtain 50% of their calories from added fat and sugar? Fewer than 15% of school children eat the recommended servings of fruit, less than 20% eat the  recommended servings of vegetables and soda consumption has almost doubled in the last 20 years? These poor nutritional habits combined with a decreased […]

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